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Pediatricians, radiologists and geneticists have long been interested and fascinated by skeletal dysplasias, and many case descriptions can be found in the medical literature. The First Conference on the Clinical Delineation of Birth Defects (actually, a series of different conferences dedicated to distinct areas) in the late 1960s raised awareness concerning several groups of genetic diseases, and the "skeletal" conference, held in Baltimore, May 20-25, 1968, is summarized in a richly illustrated book (Birth Defects:Original Article series Vol. V, No. 4,. April 1969). An informal group called the "Bone Dysplasia Society" was founded in Bad Honeff in 1991. In 1999, the ISDS was founded with statutes and guidelines. An informal email group was started then, and a more formal email list ("Skeldys") was created in 2001. For a short history of the Nosology meetings, see the bibliography in the publications here and here.

Bone Dysplasia Society

1991 Bad Honeff Meeting Group Photo


1993 Bone Dysplasia Society Meeting in Chicago (Abstract Book)

1995 Paris - Versailles

1997 Los Angeles - Marina del Rey  (Abstract Book) (Photo gallery)

International Skeletal Dysplasia Society (ISDS)

ISDS 1999 Baden-Baden, Germany (Founding event of the ISDS, formerly an informal group called the Bone Dysplasia Society (Photo gallery))

ISDS 2001 Oxford, UK  (Photo gallery)

ISDS 2003 Warrenton, USA (Photo gallery)

ISDS 2005 Martigny, Switzerland (Abstract Book) (Nosology gallery) (Excursion gallery) (Quiz gallery)

ISDS 2007 Albi, France (Abstract Book)   (Photo gallery)

ISDS 2009 Boston, USA: photos lost in a hard drive crash during airport security check...

ISDS 2011 Palm Cove, Australia (Abstract Book)  (Photo gallery)