6th Meeting 2003

6th ISDS Conference
Thursday, August 21, noon, to Sunday, August 24, noon - 2003
Airlie Conference Center, Warrenton, Virginia

We gratefully acknowledge the support of:
The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Rare Diseases, National Institute on Aging
March of Dimes
International Academy of Preventive Medicine
The Smart Family Foundation

Summary and Commentary (PDF) on the meeting

Many of the ISDS 2003 presentations have been published in the meantime. Some of the papers can be downloaded here:
Warman group, Acromesomelic dysplasia gene
Mundlos group, SEMD Omani type gene
Mundlos group, Brachydactyly A2 gene
Mortier group, Acrocapitofemoral clinical and gene identification
Cohn group, Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen gene
Cormier-Daire group, Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen gene
Horton group, FGFR3 trafficking in Achondroplasia
Francomano group, FGFR3 /Thanatophoric mouse model for CNS
Fisher group, Zebrafish collagen 1 mutant
Robertson, Filamin A dysplasia spectrum
Krakow-Robertson consortium, Filamin B dysplasia spectrum

The 2003 meeting has been a great success ! Thank you very much, Clair Francomano and Team, for having everything arranged so nicely. The scientific presentations were just excellent, the cocktail between molecular biology and biochemistry, clinical aspects, radiology and animal studies was perfect. As for the social part, take a look at the pictures. Last but not least, thank you Christine (Hall) for organizing the Diagnostic Contest. The team composed of McAlister/Poznanski/Sillence/Smithson/Unger won over the two other teams, Cormier/LeMerrer/Mortier/Superti-Furga and Krakow/Lachman/Rimoin/Savarirayan/etc.

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