5th Meeting 2001

5th ISDS Meeting
Sept. 4 - 8, 2001

Organized by Christine Hall

Nosology Revision by the Nosology Group

The PDF version of the Nosology paper, published in the Am J Med Genet, Oct 2002, can be downloaded here

Members' Business Meeting
Main topics:
  • Christine Hall receives unanimous congratulations, applause and thanks for the organization of the Oxford meeting. Presidency is taken over by Clair Francomano who will host the next meeting in Baltimore in the fall of 2003. The meeting 2005 will be organized by A. Superti-Furga in Switzerland.
  • The President shall nominate the Nosology Group from ISDS members with expertise in the individual fields. All ISDS members may submit nominations to the President to this purpose - It will probably be to soon to have a Nosology revision in 2003 (revisions have been undertaken every 4 years so far). Instead, it might be useful to implement a Molecular Classification. A first version of such a classification has been presented at the Meeting and has been published (Superti-Furga, Bonafe and Rimoin AJMG 2001).
  • Andres Giedion steps down as Honorary Secretary. His work is gratefully acknowledged. He will be replaced as Secretary by A. Superti-Furga; G. Eich is elected Hon. Treasurer.
  • The "Skeldys" Mailing list shall be restricted to ISDS members and will thus become the official forum of the ISDS. Access to the Mailing list is one of the bonuses of membership.
  • It is decided to extend the current membership period to the end of 2002. This means that all current members will have to renew their membership by the end of 2002.
  • the absence of Kazimir Kozlowski (on a humanitarian mission in Eastern Europe) and of Bob Gorlin is regretted. Council is currently composed largely of senior founding members, some of whom are no longer professionally active. The need for rejuvenation is recognized. This shall occur during the Baltimore 2003 meeting.

The Oxford meeting also included: interesting case discussions, a diagnostic competition with VERY difficult cases and terrific suspense, dining in College, with a Harry Potter ambiance and ...the unofficial ISDS Beer Drinking Contest (the winner was G.B., pictures only on special request) and a lot of fun!

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